The Washington Chromatography Discussion Group

The Washington Chromatography Discussion Group (WCDG) began in the early 1960’s as an informal group of gas chromatographers who gathered to exchange ideas related to separation science.  In 1965, the group, comprised of distinguished scientists from government, academia, and industry, formally became known as the “Washington Area Gas Chromatography Discussion Group”.  The first president was M. Beroza, and president-elect and program chairperson was I. Hornstein, both from the USDA.  The group met once a month from September through June in several locations throughout the area to hear an invited speaker and share information.  As the group gained popularity, its activities included seminars, dinners, short courses, and symposia. By 1970, HPLC had become a viable technique so the group’s name was changed to the more encompassing “Washington Chromatography Discussion Group.” The group’s meetings were held regularly at one location, the office of Hewlett-Packard in Rockville, Maryland, and instrument manufacturers began sponsoring a light dinner before each meeting. Today, the program schedule is very interesting and diverse with topics ranging from fundamental to applied chromatography in an array of biological and chemical systems.  We welcome you to join our discussions.

WCDG Constitution

Article I:  Name
I.1 The name shall be the Washington Chromatography Discussion Group (hereafter referred to as WCDG).

Article II:  Objectives
II.1 The WCDG is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes.  It is to promote interest in all areas of separation science through activities such as lectures, discussions, panels, short courses, and expositions.

Article III:  Membership
III.1 Membership of the group shall be open to all those with an active interest in separation science.  (Active members are defined as those who have paid dues as set by the Governing Board)
III.2 The membership of any individual who fails to pay dues or other financial obligations may be terminated by the Governing Board.

Article IV:  Officers
IV.1 The officers of the WCDG shall be, President, Immediate Past President, Program Chair/Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom shall be members in good standing of the WCDG.
IV.2 Officers shall be elected by the membership for a term of one year commencing on the first day of June and shall hold office until their successors are elected and installed.  A meeting for elections will be announced by the President at least 14 days in advance of the meeting.
IV.3 In the event of a vacancy in any of the offices, the Governing Board will fill such vacancy within 60 days for the balance of the unexpired term of the vacant office.

Article V: Governing Board
V.1 There shall be a Governing Board consisting of the officers and six board members, two of whom shall be elected with the officers at each annual meeting.
V.2 The terms of members of the Governing Board who are not officers shall be three years.
V.3 The Governing Board shall meet no less than twice a year.  A special meeting of the Governing Board may be called at any time by the President or by any two members of the Board upon at least five days notice given by email, mail, fax, telephone, or other appropriate electronic means.
V.4 The Governing Board shall have control of all property belonging to the WCDG and shall have the power to direct the expenditure of the funds of the WCDG.
V.5 The presence of a simple majority of the members of the Governing Board at any meeting shall constitute a quorum.
V.6 All action taken by the Governing Board shall be by a majority vote of the quorum unless otherwise provided herein.

Article VI:  Meetings
VI.1 The annual meeting of the WCDG shall be held in May of each year unless otherwise fixed by the Governing Board.  Written notice shall be given of the annual and any other meeting of the WCDG, designating the place and time of the meeting and such notice shall be given no later than two weeks prior to the date fixed for the meeting.
VI.2 Special meetings of the WCDG may be held as determined by the Governing Board or upon the written request of ten percent of the active members of the WCDG wherein said request shall designate a date for such meeting.
VI.3 Any member of the WCDG may, at a meeting of the WCDG, place before the members any matter relating to the business, objectives, or activities of the WCDG.

Article VII:  Financial Matters
VII.1 The fiscal year of the WCDG shall be September 1-August 31.
VII.2 The annual dues for membership shall be fixed from time to time by the Governing Board but shall not be changed more frequently than once per year.  Any change in annual dues shall be effective for the next full year following the year in which the change has been voted.
VII.3 Any member in default in the payment of dues will be dropped from the rolls of the WCDG as a member at the discretion of the Governing Board.
VII.4 All checks, drafts or orders for the payment of funds of the WCDG shall bear the signature of the Treasurer or other authorized individuals.  The Treasurer and Secretary shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining a system of checks and balances such that each should conduct an independent reconciliation of disbursements.  An alternate member of the Governing Board can be appointed in place of the Secretary by approval of a two-thirds majority of the Governing Board.
VII.5 With the approval of the Governing Board, financial grants may be made to individuals or organizations from time to time, as shall be deemed to be in the interest of the WCDG
VII.6 No members of the WCDG shall profit financially from the WCDG.  However, reasonable compensation for services rendered and reimbursement payments are acceptable.
VII.7 The WCDG in any activity will comply with Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provision of any future U.S. Internal Revenue Law)

Article VIII:  Committees
VIII.1  The President, may appoint such committees as the Governing Board shall deem necessary, the members of such committees are to serve until their successors are appointed and installed or for the term of the committee.

Article IX:  Amendments
IX.1 The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members at a meeting wherein at least a quorum* is present or by a two-thirds vote in a mail referendum when authorized by the Governing Board, provided that properly marked ballots are received from at least one-fourth of the membership in any such mail referendum.  Members may allow the Governing Board to designate ballots by proxy if such notification is given upon announcement of the amendments.

*In this case a quorum is defined as 10 % of the active members.  If a quorum is not present at the meeting, the vote will automatically be postponed until the next regular meeting.

Article X:  Dissolution.
X.1 Upon the dissolution, the WCDG shall, after paying or making provision for payment of liabilities, dispose of all assets by equal distribution among the Chemistry Departments of the universities in the region actively engaged in the separation sciences.