Washington Chromatography Discussion Group (WCDG) meets monthly from September to May. Meetings are currently being held virtually.

December Meeting

December 16, 2020
5:00-5:30PM Breakout Sessions
5:30-6:30PM Webinar

ACQUITY PREMIER: Precision Chemistries for Particles and Surfaces
Kim Haynes, Waters Corporation

Abstract: LC-based analysis of metal sensitive analytes such as those containing phosphate groups and deprotonated carboxylic acids can be challenging due to their interactions with metal components within a chromatographic separation. These interactions can lead to missed analytes, quantification errors and wasted time. In this seminar, you will learn how ACQUTIY PREMIER Columns with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces enables scientists to see compounds previously unseen, while improving sensitivity and reproducibility for all analytes. In addition, it will be shown how this technology can reduce the need for lengthy and repeated passivation.

Bio: Kim Haynes is currently a Principal Product Marketing Manager in the Chemistry Technology Center at Waters Corporation.  Kim manages MaxPeak High Performance Surface Technologies as well as a variety of other programs.  Prior to this position, she has worked with Waters Corporation as a chemistry sales specialist and a business development manager.  During her 20 years at Waters, Kim has focused on helping customers and colleagues understand chromatographic separations and sample preparation.  Before joining Waters Corporation, Kim worked as an analytical chemist at Bacardi Martini.  She holds a BS in Chemistry from Ohio University.  She can be contacted at kim_haynes@waters.com.

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